Lake Jericho works with employers that want to make employee retirement benefits truly a benefit to employees.

The long-term trend in participant-directed retirement plans has been in the direction of “one-stop shops”. In these arrangements, retirement benefit plans are built entirely upon a single bank, brokerage, mutual fund family, or insurance company model. Think of it as the “Plan in a Box” approach.

Employers, seeking to avoid plan related expenses, are often led to offer expensive investment options to employees that will compensate the bank, brokerage, mutual fund family, or insurance company for administrative fees. With these arrangements, employers offer a “benefit” that costs them nothing, but the employees are typically burdened with expensive investment choices that erode returns and the benefits of long-term savings. These investment choices often involve undisclosed payments to other service providers known as “revenue sharing.” Investment choices are often based on the relative attractiveness of these financial arrangements to the service providers rather than on the merits of the investments themselves.

We partner with independent plan administrators and top-tier investment firms to provide a better approach. In addition to research and selection of plan investment options, as co-fiduciaries, we provide best-practice guidance to a company’s leadership, assisting with everything from drafting investment policy statements to negotiating with other service providers. We are only paid by you and your plan participants, our client. Our independence allows us to be an objective voice for both management and plan participants. Working with Lake Jericho provides you with:

  • A team of professionals dedicated to company leadership and the decision making process.
  • A team of professionals dedicated to increasing employee’s financial knowledge and plan participation.
  • Partners that develop and provide transparent administration and investment platform with complete expense accounting and all costs clearly identified.
  • A selection of investment choices chosen solely for the benefit to participants.
  • A balance of actively managed individual fund options and low-cost index shares.
  • Participants have access to, and complete control over, their accounts and can avail themselves of professional guidance when they feel the need.
  • Daily valuation and complete online access to individual account balances and investment options.