Life is complex. Solutions should be clear.  That’s the Lake Jericho way.

A.J. Walker started Lake Jericho, LLC in 2014 in response to shifting investor attitudes following the economic chaos that defined the prior decade. Drawing the name Lake Jericho from the region that has been home to generations of A.J.’s family, the Lake Jericho name represents as much of a philosophical approach to financial planning and discretionary portfolio management as it is an actual place. Located in what was once a sparsely populated region of rural Kentucky, today the Lake Jericho area sits in the bullseye of exploding regional growth. Under economic development pressure from multiple directions, a literal shifting of the landscape in this once quiet Little Kentucky River watershed farming community has displaced what was once a life ruled by simplicity and  peace of mind.

The complexities of the modern financial landscape, the volatility of markets, and conflicting priorities on all fronts mirror the changes experienced by the Lake Jericho region.  Just as the area was once a refuge for more simple times, Lake Jericho, LLC is today a refuge for those seeking clear solutions to complex financial issues.  Successful life-plans now require uncommon levels of courage and patience, but are possible when coupled with simple, elegant solutions. Life is complex. Solutions should be clear.  That’s the Lake Jericho way.