Not-for-profits, foundations, and endowments have unique financial needs.

It is true that investment time horizons are typically much longer than other entities or individuals (in support of long-term mission and vision). However, Lake Jericho understands that leadership is most often more challenged by balancing the ongoing need for resources to support near-term objectives and organizational mission. We get that this balance is delicate work, and that striking such balance is often deeply personal work for those involved.

With more than two decades of experience, the professionals of Lake Jericho provide comprehensive asset planning, spending analysis, planned giving, asset accumulation and discretionary investment management services for non-profit organizations, endowments, and foundations. Our background includes service to some of the largest higher education foundations and endowments, large religious foundations, service organizations, and public institutions. We take a comprehensive planning approach, incorporating our extensive background with institutions on a broad range of investment issues, including asset use and deployment, asset allocation, portfolio design, security selection, manager search and selection, and overall best practices.

Working in partnership with staff, volunteers, boards, and investment committee members, Lake Jericho shoulders with them a fiduciary responsibility for oversight, management, and deployment of client resources. Whether retained to work on broad organizational issues, or as one part of an existing comprehensive strategy, Lake Jericho works with each organization to build and manage diversified, lower-cost solutions to achieve organizational objectives.

We are deeply experienced in working with institutions to craft investment policy statement that clearly express the needs of the organization and the appropriate strategies for achieving those needs, including mission-based investment restrictions, target asset allocations, and benchmarks for performance measurement and reporting. Where appropriate, and with our specific background in trust services and planned-giving strategies we can also assist with donor relationships.