2nd Quarter 2020: Market Recap and Near-term Outlook

Every couple of years, I get to write and deliver quarterly investment reviews when, seemingly, everything worked in our favor. This is one of those quarters. Markets have rallied a bit more since quarter-end, and we continue to build our lead over benchmarks. I encourage you to log into your Client Portal and take a look at where we stand now.

This link is to a PDF containing our Q2 2020 Quarterly Recap and Near-term Outlook. This Recap incorporates a broad review of global markets, and a series of directly comparable, globally diversified, balanced portfolio benchmarks constructed by iShares (by Blackrock). The commentary and performance information, coupled with the tabled data will, hopefully, help each reader evaluate their own portfolio performance in proper context with just a few numbers.

As always, I am available at any time, any day of the week, to discuss specific portfolio performance questions with all clients. Until then, be well, enjoy your week, and thank you!

A.J. Walker, CFA CFP® CIMA®
Founder, President, and CEO
Lake Jericho, LLC