Hello Friends!

Following you will find, once again quite late this quarter, Lake Jericho’s look back at the prior quarter, some commentary about 2018 in total, and a bit about improvements to our process given tough lessons learned during the period. Once again, I might be an old dog. But I can learn new tricks.

This link is to a PDF containing our Q4 2018 Quarterly Recap and Near-term Outlook.  It follows the form of (1) What is it that we are most thinking about right now, (2) What happened during the past quarter from a big-picture perspective, and (3) What are we doing about it. Also, this Recap incorporates a series of directly comparable, globally diversified, balanced portfolio benchmarks constructed by Morningstar, Inc. This tabled data will, hopefully, help each reader evaluate performance in proper context with just a few numbers.

As always, I am available at any time, any day of the week, to discuss specific portfolio performance questions with all clients. Until then, be well, enjoy your week, and thank you!

A.J. Walker, CFA CFP® CIMA®
Founder, President, and CEO
Lake Jericho, LLC