As we close the chapter on Q4 and 2019, we also close the chapter on a decade rightly considered among the most note-worthy in economic and financial market history. For Lake Jericho clients, it was a strong way to close the book. I am thrilled to deliver performance information for Q4, as after a couple of years of give-and-take in financial markets, client reports contain a lot of good news.

Over the last year, I have talked at great length about sticking to the continued global growth thesis, despite periods of interim pain as markets seemingly roiled over every Tweet and headline. Patience was rewarded. Our lead during Q4 was meaningful, sufficiently so to put us well ahead of benchmarks for all of 2019.

This link is to a PDF containing our Q4 2019 Quarterly Recap and Near-term Outlook. This Recap incorporates a broad review of global markets, and a series of directly comparable, globally diversified, balanced portfolio benchmarks constructed by iShares (by Blackrock). The commentary and performance information, coupled with the tabled data will, hopefully, help each reader evaluate their own portfolio performance in proper context with just a few numbers.

As always, I am available at any time, any day of the week, to discuss specific portfolio performance questions with all clients. Until then, be well, enjoy your week, and thank you!

A.J. Walker, CFA CFP® CIMA®
Founder, President, and CEO
Lake Jericho, LLC